AntiBio Marine Technologies

The Ant Bio patented TOG System is an innovative environmentally friendly technology, which acts as a preventative measure for marine fouling on offshore platforms, including caissons, conductors, jacket legs and many other structures reducing downtime and increasing efficiency while saving money.


Cost savings

Maintenance free

Installed globally

Countless benefits

Keeping hulls and infrastructures foul-free and maintenance free


Over the past several years, Anti Bio have developed, installed, tested and sold its systems with credible oil companies in South East Asia. Plans are underway to further increase our penetration into the Global Marine & Offshore Oil Industries.


Anti Bio Marine Technologies have enormous potential for the use in a wide range of applications by enhancing equipment performance in areas related to marine fouling corrosion.

For: oil rigs, marine structures, oil distribution platforms and many more

Prevention and reduction in: barnacle growth, biofilm buildup, sulfate reducing bacteria and many more


These applications have substantial environmental advantages as they reduce the existing use of chemicals which also lead to significant cost savings.

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Anti Bio has developed what is believed to be a revolutionary technique in marine fouling which has enormous implications for the Global Marine & Offshore Oil Industries.


The technology uses sweeping sound frequency (SSF) to effectively Reduce Particle Reproduction, Retard and detach Formation of Biofilm from all waterflow pipes.


The Sweeping Sound negates the pull factor for surface attachment by neutralizing opposite charges between organisms & substrates, interferes with the reproduction of cells and puts these organisms under stress where they are not able to feed and/or reproduce; preventing them from growing into colonies.