AntiBio Termite Control

The Ant Bio Termite Technology Management (“TTM”) system is a preventative measure for termite management using a computer microchip to induce sweeping sound frequencies through activators. By utilizing an electro-magnetic field as a vehicle, we are able to successfully transfer the sweeping sound frequencies emitted from the activators into a targeted area.


Works 24/7

Maintenance free

Pesticide free

Patented TTM System

Proven to disrupt termites in homes and businesses 24/7.


The main reason for termites surviving so successfully is their ability to live within timber and underground. They avoid coming out in the open as much as possible. Often they are not discovered in a building until infestation becomes acute and the structure is compromised, this is traditionally solved with pesticides.


The system has a two-year warranty. Being fully automated it does not require any maintenance or replacement parts. It is recommended to keep the control unit in a dry place to ensure longevity.


The patented TTM System may prove to be an effective alternative or complementary system to current preventive and control methods, and reduce reliance on current termite management methods, including the use of toxic chemicals. The system is comprised of two main elements: a control unit and activators. The activators are positioned at the exterior corners of the dwelling allowing the SSFs to penetrate the target areas, thus providing a termite barrier to entry and disturbing existing termite activity. 

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With an estimated life span of ten to fifteen years, these applications have substantial environmental advantages as they reduce the existing use of chemicals which also lead to significant cost savings.